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labPortal is a web based portal that stores all your sample data in the cloud providing easy access for your customers & users

No more phone calls

With labPortal your clients and users have instant and secure online access to sample data and associated documents and can track the status of the analyses without reverting to picking up the phone to speak with you.


labPortal can store all your sample related data and documents, including photographs, worksheets, spreadsheets and PDF files and certificates in the cloud which is automatically backup up. The security of cloud based systems removes your reliance on local systems to maintain secure archives.

Real Time Reporting

labPortal can be updated in real time, so that your customers get their information as soon as it's generated and you have approved it for reporting.

No more transcription errors

When your customers register their samples online, the need to transcribe the data onto other systems is not required as these can be imported automatically. This prevents transcription errors saves you time and saves you money.

No more incorrect testing

Only perform work that has been requested by the client. You will now have clear instructions of what is required reducing your time querying written requests and ensuring you do exactly what the clients asks.

Happy Customers

Your customers will love labPortal and will make sure they stay with you.

1,485,753 Samples

6,126,707 Results

562,869 Reports

A simple and easy to use interface

Pre Registered Samples

You can use our ready built forms or we can build several custom registration workflows for you. This will ensure you have the appropriate experience for each of your customers.

Results Dashboard

A results dashboard updated in realtime with an enhanced query engine, conditional highlighting and Microsoft Excel export


An inbox for all of your Certificates and Reports, labPortal can handle any file type from Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, Photos and more.

Security & Performance

labPortal uses it's own secure database so your LIMS is never directly exposed on the internet. Unlike other web based systems, labPortal only publishes what you want so your LIMS database is securely housed behind your domain firewall.

Hear what our customers & users think

"I have found the system to be a useful tool with regards to the information we require to be kept safe without the need to keep hard copies and other client now wish to use it since it proves simpler for them to have immediate access to the lab results."

Kenny Walls, Operations Manager, City Building

"labPortal is an excellent extension to the laboratory service provided by Glasgow Scientific Services. The system provides immediate access to sample status as well as providing an archive of previous sample results"

Gerry Fallon, Environmental Health Officer, South Ayrshire Council

"I have found the labPortal system to be a very convenient and most useful method for obtaining rapid access to analytical test results. Access to results, as they are obtained, is particularly useful for my applications that involve making judgements on water quality issues on naval ships. The convenient on line access to records of previous series of results is also a most useful feature."

Professor J G Anderson, Strathclyde University

"Glasgow Scientific Services have been using labPortal for a few years now providing all of our clients access to live sample information. The project was client driven and the success of this has lead to an APSE award. As well as sample information, results and test reports, the portal is used to share other files relating to the submission, such as picture files and associated documentation. As we move to electronic filing of lab records, we hope to be audited remotely by UKAS using labPortal."

Gary Walker, Glasgow Scientific Services

Our Customers